This package includes my inspiring ‘Become a Workplace Warrior’ keynote address AND my game-changing six-hour ‘How to Become a Workplace Warrior’ workshop. This ultimate offering is best-suited to companies that are looking for a radical shift in culture or performance. It includes: 

Keynote: Over the course of 60-90 minutes, I will challenge and provoke your audience to think and act differently as I walk them through my ‘Warrior Development Plan’. They will receive food for thought and actionable advice related to each of each of the three key warrior characteristics: passion, courage and energy. The keynote will prime your workshop audience by introducing key concepts.

Workshop: This advanced performance training session is for sales teams that have basic sales training and want to reach new levels of success and engagement. Participants will be challenged and provoked to think and act differently and engage in a series of exercises designed to develop the mindset and behaviours of a warrior. Each will leave with a customized Warrior Development Plan focused on increasing their passion, courage and energy. 

In addition, you will receive:

Pre- and Post-Keynote PACE (Passion/Courage/Energy) Assessments 

Administered online, myPACE assessment will measure how passionate, courageous and energized your sales team is, both before and after your keynote and workshop. The initial assessment will help me customize my message for your audience, and the two combined allow you to track your organization’s progress in these three key areas and assess the impact of our work.



Warrior Development Workbooks for up to 30 participants

(a value of over $4,000.00)



Increased Engagement
Increased Performance
Improved Culture


I’d be thrilled to help you motivate your team to think and act like warriors! 

Over the past several years we have had the opportunity to work with Catherine Kerr as a session facilitator/leader a half-dozen times for various teams of staff throughout our organization. I have not met anyone in that role who has consistently remained more engaged and drives a greater level of participation and energy within a group than Catherine. She connects with every individual and demands that they remain “present” and engaged at all times…every session has the ability to reach its potential because of the involvement that she expects from everyone in the room. I can’t say enough about what Catherine has brought to our high performance training initiatives
— Kevin Blackburn, CEO Diploma Healthcare Group