This package includes my ‘Become a Workplace Warrior’ keynote address, which will inspire and motivate your employees to become more warrior-like in both their personal and professional lives. 

Over the course of 60-90 minutes, I will challenge and provoke your audience to think and act differently as I walk them through my ‘Warrior Development Plan’. They will receive food for thought and actionable advice related to each of the three key warrior characteristics: passion, courage and energy (see below for specific examples). 

In addition, you will receive:

Pre- and Post-Keynote PACE (Passion/Courage/Energy) Assessments  

Administered online, myPACE assessment will measure how passionate, courageous and energized your sales team is, both before and after your keynote. The initial assessment will help me customize my message for your audience, and the two combined will allow you to track your organization’s progress in these three key areas and assess the impact of the keynote. 



A Taste of What’s in Store

I pack my keynotes full of insight and inspiration your employees can take away to change their outlook and behavior both at work and at home – all centered around the three characteristics of a Workplace Warrior. For example: 

PASSION:The Bushido Code (the code of honour that the Samurai lived and died by – and how it can be applied at work)

COURAGE:The Warrior Mindset (how to think and act like a warrior)

ENERGY:Energy Rituals (how to manage your energy and create/sustain positive energy)


The Benefits of a Kerrageous Keynote

Increased Engagement
Increased Performance
Improved Culture


I’d be thrilled to help you take your sales conference/event to the next level and motivate your team to think and act like warriors! 

I was looking for a strong, female keynote speaker that would address over 250 sales professionals at our National Sales Conference. Our theme was around ‘everyday superheroes’ and I felt that the Kerrageous content regarding Workplace Warriors was a natural fit. Catherine is one of the most engaging, authentic and dynamic individuals’ I’ve ever met and I knew she would be the right person for our stage. Catherine received raving reviews from our audience. She was on point, natural, articulated herself with poise and passion and best of all, she led the group by example. A 5-star rating for Catherine Kerr!