Warrior Coaching is available to organizations who have invested in the Warrior Workshop and/or Kerrageous Keynote and are passionately committed to sustaining a culture of high performance. Coaching will ensure that the learnings are embedded and warrior mindset and behaviours continue to be actively developed. 

Coaching is focused on continuous development of the Warrior Development Plan and involves a strong emphasis on accountability for personal development. Coaching conversations create self-awareness and challenge participants to OWN their development on a deeply personal level. Participants will have the opportunity to celebrate their success and to explore and overcome challenges to maximize their potential. 


Coaching Packages:

1:1 Coaching for Sales Leaders (once a month X 3).
1:1 Coaching for Team Members (once a month X 3).
Team Coaching (once a month X 3).


Catherine was very open, encouraging, and engaging. She provided a very comfortable atmosphere to inspire our performance and allow us to be vulnerable.