This package includes my game-changing six-hour ‘How to Become a Workplace Warrior’ workshop, designed to take sales teams (that already have basic sales training) to new levels of success and engagement. Participants will be challenged and provoked to think and act differently and engage in a series of exercises designed to develop the mindset and behaviours of a warrior. Each will leave with a customized Warrior Development Plan focused on increasing their passion, courage and energy. 

In addition, you will receive:

Pre- and Post-Keynote PACE (Passion/Courage/Energy) Assessments 

Administered online, my PACE assessment will measure how passionate, courageous and energized your sales team is, both before and after your workshop. The initial assessment will help me customize my message for your audience and the two combined allow you to track your organization’s progress in these three key areas and assess the impact of the workshop. 



Warrior Development Workbooks for up to 30 workshop participants

(a value of over $4,000.00)

A Taste of What’s in Store

Workshop participants will be challenged and provoked to think and act differently, and receive practical tools they can put into place right away to increase their passion, courage and energy. Specifically, they will:

  • Develop a personal ‘Bushido Code’ (a deeply held set of core values) and vision statement

  • Do an ‘interest/time assessment’ exercise, to uncover how much time they spend on activities they’re truly interested in (and where they may be wasting time)

  • Learn all about the Warrior Mindset

  • Discover how to manage/shift their energy in order to create/sustain positive high energy

  • Create energy rituals for their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing


The Benefits of a Warrior Workshop

Increased Engagement
Increased Performance
Improved Culture


I’d be thrilled to to help you motivate your team to think and act like warriors! 

Catherine’s energy and enthusiam. That she was able to keep me an ADD student engaged all day which I found was incredible. No teacher has ever kept me from not falling asleep or have my mind wonder elsewhere in a classroom setting.
I was engaged 100% of the time. All very relevant info, no matter what role you are in. Such a great facilitator!