When you hire me to deliver a Kerrageous Keynote or run a Warrior Workshop for your employees, you get much more than that. 

I’ve developed a system to provide your organization – and audience – with tons of added value and personalization. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect when you choose to work with me:


 Phase 1: RESEARCH & Development


Phone Interview:

We start with a 60-minute ‘research call’ with key leaders/stakeholders from your organization. The purpose of this call is for me to understand the audience I’ll be speaking to and the specific challenges/desires of the organization so I can tailor my training accordingly.


PACE (Passion/Courage/Energy) Assessment #1:  

I’ll send you an online survey for you to share with your employees. The goal of this exercise is to establish a baseline for how passionate, courageous and energized your team is currently. 



Based on the results of your PACE assessment and information from your phone interview, I will customize your workshop or keynote to deliver maximum impact and results in the area(s) your organization needs it most. 


Phase 2: Delivery


Kerrageous Keynote (60-90 min.): 

“Become a Workplace Warrior!”

Purpose: To inspire, motivate and provide a high-level introduction to my ‘Warrior Development Plan’ 

Perfect for: 
- Large team meetings
- Sales conferences
- Town halls
- Management summits


Warrior Workshop: (6 Hours): 

“How to become a Workplace Warrior!”

Purpose: To take your team to the next level through advanced performance training on how to develop the mindset and behaviours of a warrior.

Perfect for:
- Sales teams
- Leadershipteam
- Management teams
- Team retreats
- Reward/recognition trips
- Industry events


Phase 3: Post Delivery Follow-up


PACE (Passion/Courage/Energy) Assessment #2:  

Administered online following the delivery of your keynote or workshop, this second survey will allow you to assess the impact of the keynote/workshop on the areas of passion, courage and energy within your organization.


Summary Report: 

You will receive a two-page report summarizing the opportunities/recommendations for your organization, including how to take your team to the next level and create/sustain a Warrior Mindset on an ongoing basis. 





Once you’ve completed a keynote or workshop with me, ongoing individual and/or group Warrior Coaching is available to help you continue to build/sustain a high performing warrior culture.

Catherine did a phenomenal job engaging us and making everyone feel welcome and accepted. Her insights were exciting!